Therese Borg approved as ASCS’s President

ASCS, had its Annual General Meeting on the 23rd of April and an election on the 25th of April. Following the voting by 327 of the eligible students and the AGM, Therese Borg, has been approved as President of the organisation for the term 2018-2019.

Therese Borg previously served as ASCS Industry Office. She explains that together with her team, she will “strive to continue offering a myriad opportunities for the students as well as placing the students’ needs at the forefront of ASCS’ mission. Last year’s goal was to make a change as an Industry Officer and this year, as President, I want to make an impact like never before together with my team, if elected!”

The rest of the Executive Board for the term 2018-2019 is as follows:

  • Secretary General: Jessica Pace
  • Financial Controller: Frederick Aquilina
  • Public Relations Officer: Sarah Iles
  • Media Officer: Matthias Vassallo
  • Academic Officer: Matthew Gauci
  • Industry Officer: Donna Johnston
  • External Relations Officer: Christine Teuma
  • International Officer: Daniel Calamatta
  • Events Officer: Nicholas Chetcuti
  • Policy Officer: Matthew Griscti

The Third Eye team would like to congratulate the new Executive, whilst wishing them a fruitful year for the benefit of the students ASCS represents.

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