The Team

The Third Eye is a media organisation run by University students with a shared passion for journalism

Nicky Zarb
Chief Executive Officer
Nicky, 21, is currently in his fourth and final year of University reading for his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree. Currently serving as CEO for The Third Eye, Nicky works with the team to be proactive and have an organisation which creates meaningful content. Having served as Media Officer for the 2016/2017 term, Nicky also helps with media and design projects. Passions include cars, music and engineering.
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Ilenia Agius
Secretary General
Ilenia is a 20 year old University student studying Law. Ilenia is currently serving as the Secretary General of The Third Eye but has also been a Liaison Officer for the term 2016/2017 and has been writing with The Third Eye since July 2016. Ilenia has a passion for student activism and debating. Among other activities, she participated in the NSTS Mini European Assembly of 2015 where she won the Best Speaker award, and she also participated in the National Youth Parliament by KNZ.
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Neil Grixti
Financial Officer
Neil, 21, is reading law at the University of Malta and currently serving as the Financial Officer of The Third Eye. He is a professional procrastinator and a perpetually late person, however, he has strong attention to detail and is highly organised. You’ll probably find him hanging out at the gym, participating in various sports-related activities, or chilling out to some great Jazz music.
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Michela Cremona
Public Relations Officer
Michela is 40 years of age living in a 20 year old’s body. She is reading a degree in Law at the University of Malta. Michela is currently serving as the Public Relations Officer of The Third Eye. When asked, her friends basically described her as a cat lady with a passion for travelling, napping and reading.
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Emma Xuereb
Media Officer
Emma is a full-time Law student and professional procrastinator. In her free time she’s either travelling or working to earn money to travel. With a penchant for videography and writing, she seems to enjoy strenuous hours of editing but has a passionate hatred for comic sans.
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Pearl Agius
Liaison Officer
Pearl is an 18 year girl who often gets mistaken for a 14 year old. A fervent feminist with a great love for literature and drama. A passionate advocate for human rights with an ardent habit of speaking her mind. Current Liaison Officer for The Third Eye and studies law at University in hopes of creating a fair and just society. A hobby of hers includes writing and The Third Eye provides the perfect platform to voice her thoughts.
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Martina Galea Mascari
Junior College Co-Ordinator
Martina Galea Mascari is an open-minded 18 year old who strongly believes that everyone's own opinion must be respected. She currently serves the role of Junior College Co-Ordinator in The Third Eye and is studying first year Law at University with a wish to create a just society in the future. Her passions include traveling, fire, good food, rosé and spending time annoying her friends and family.
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Jack Cassar
Events Officer
Jack is a cheerful and optimistic person who has a deep love for food. He currently serves as the role of Events Officer in the third eye and is studying first year law at university. His passion includes politics, scouting, student activism and media.
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