Junior Chamber of Advocates speaks about the issue of Awarding Warrants to Convicted Law Students

In response to recent events, the Junior Chamber of Advocates expressed its concern on the ethical and legal consequences that may arise in the event of the granting of warrants to two graduates, Yanica Barbara and Thomas Sant, who had been given a conditional discharge after admitting to fraudulently using a lost credit card. According to the Junior Chamber of Advocates, despite judgments to the contrary, neither Barbara not Sant show the conduct that is expected from lawyers and law students.
The Junior Chamber of Advocates continued; “while respecting the judiciary for their decision, the Junior Chamber of Advocates notes with deep concern the long-lasting impact and consequences the granting of warrants to the graduates concerned will have on the perception of the judiciary, the legal profession and students of the law course. The Junior Chamber of Advocates therefore requests and calls upon the relevant authorities to ensure that the ethical and moral standards that the legal profession requires are sustained and upheld, in accordance with the law, particularly the relevant clauses of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure.”
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