Andrea Portelli talks to us about his music and recent album!

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21 year old Andrea Portelli, is currently in his final year of Mechanical Engineering studies at the University of Malta.  As part of his course, Andrea went on the ERASMUS+  exchange program experience in Ireland and in Czech Republic and it was precisely this experience, in the absence of loved ones, that Andrea found an inspiration to write songs in his free time between studying. Andrea explains what an enriching experience ERASMUS was for him and how the sounds amidst the peacefulness in the nature which surrounds the University, he found the muse to write.

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Throughout his experience he managed to write enough material to record an album and he believed enough in himself to attain this objective he had in mind by the end of 2017. Andrea Portelli, in fact managed to finalize the album and it is now available to the public. Andrea explains how the feedback he received was very positive and encouraging. The Album he launched, entitled Echoes, was a project which brought together all his musical talents which he had developed ever since the age of 6 and producing it, particularly singing and recording were challenging. Interestingly, Andrea believes that in the music industry it is all about being motivated to share your music with the rest of the world rather than to make money. Andrea is currently working on two other albums which he has decided to launch in the coming two years.

The album Echoes can be found here,


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